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Is your computer running slowly?

Does it take forever to boot up?

Are annoying pop-ups taking over?

“In [the third quarter of] 2016 alone, 18 million new malware samples were captured.” (

That’s a scary statistic, because it’s very likely you have malware on your computer and you don’t even know it.

Computer Spring Cleaning from Insight Computer and Design!

Don’t worry – you most likely don’t have to get a new computer… You just have to clean up the one you have. Computers need spring cleaning too!


It’s true – it’s a good idea to get your computer cleaned up a couple times a year. Over time your computer becomes sluggish…


But we can fix that up for you by:


  • Scanning for viruses and malware

    (that damage or disable your computer)

  • Removing unnecessary programs

    (that make your computer run slowly!)

  • Vacuuming out your machine

    (dust can cause it to overheat!)

It’s what we call our Spring Cleaning Package.

If you took your machine to some places in Traverse City, you’d pay $200 just to get your computer on the bench.

We think that’s ridiculous.

We can get your machine running faster for $65.

But we really want you to get your computer in shape. So to help you do that, during our Spring Cleaning Deal,

it’s only¬†only $49.97!

Stop by our shop in Kingsley, or we can pick your computer up!

(This deal is only good until 4/15, so don’t wait!)